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Waesseri GmbH becomes PPCHEM AG

As of January 1st, 2019, the publishing house Waesseri GmbH has been transformed into the new company PPCHEM AG. This change goes beyond branding and introducing a new company form: new areas of activities are also being introduced.
PPCHEM AG represents a new company, as is reflected by an amended strategic alignment and new corporate design.

With the reorganisation and the added expertise, PPCHEM AG repositions itself to better serve its customers, building on the legacy of Waesseri GmbH and its precursor organisation.

Business Areas


The PowerPlant Chemistry® journal has been published for more than 19 years, with its 20th anniversary coming up. This milestone will be celebrated with the July/August 2019 journal issue. PPCHEM AG will continue publishing the journal in the same well-established manner and with the same publishing policies as before. The journal will also continue to publish an interesting mix of scientific peer-reviewed papers and technical reports from the power industry, all of them relating to the topics of water treatment and cycle chemistry in power and industrial plants.

Conferences & Seminars

PPCHEM AG will continue to organize international conferences and forums as in the past years with over 30 events organized all over the world. PPCHEM AG will also introduce seminars and technical training for operators.
Further details will be published regularly and in due time – stay tuned!

Consulting & Training

PPCHEM AG will also be offering technical consulting services related to water treatment, cycle chemistry in power and industrial plants of all types and sizes. During the design phase of a power plant, owner’s engineers and EPCs will be able to obtain expert advice and support. Power plant operators will be able to contract PPCHEM AG for site-specific support ranging from assessments, troubleshooting, to the optimisation of cycle chemistry regimes and the related training of operators.


Michael Rziha

Chief Key Expert
Plant Chemistry

Tapio Werder

Editor in Chief

Corinne Kirchhofer

Editorial Assistant